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Scandinavia is part of Europe, and is usually referred to as northern Europe.Geographically, there are 3 Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway). Culturally, there are 6 Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and The Faroe Islands.These countries faces harsh winter condition as there nearer to Atlantic region and have longer Days in summer and shorter daylight in winters.

Since Scandinavian countries have longer winters which means people have more need of winter footwear compare to summers.

There is huge market of winter footwear which keep

  • feet warm

  • Durable have to walk in snow

  • Easy to care


Total population of Scandinavian countries is 32 million maximum population lie in 20-40 age group and 70 above.


These are the groups who commute daily compare to other age group for the work.



Working Professionals

Requirement of functionality bases footwear


Rain is most common in Scandinavian countries through out the year as most part of the countries are surrounded by sea.

It takes a certain kind of footwear with qualities to facilitate the voyage and provide comfort to experience these natural attractions.


Design of footwear should have the elements which gives the feeling of coziness and comfort.


Scandinavian design principle emphasises the philosophy of hygge, which entails creating a cozy, balanced feeling in a space. It is a quality of coziness and comfort .

Design Philosophy

  1. Choose a Neutral color

  2. "Less is More " approach

  3. Make it functional

  4. Keep it simple

  5. Use natural material

  6. Clean Lines

  7. Decluttered Space


Scandinavian design is characterised by a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. It is the epitome of simplicity with an emphasis on functionality and beauty .

To strike a balance between functionality, modernism, and comfort, Scandinavian design embraces a variety of principles and characteristics.

Design Principles

Footwear ​design should support biking culture as it important part of people's daily commute.


Scandinavian countries are famous for its Biking culture in the world . Maximum population of these countries commute daily via Bike to their work .

In order to cater the mass , the footwear design should be something that facilitate the biking culture

Daily Commutation

To introduce a line of footwear that caters to men, women, and children. a one-stop shop for all of your needs


Few Scandinavian brands focus on both genders, with the majority concentrating on just one.


  2. Mads Norgaard - quality with affortability

  3. Ganni - Party occasion footwear focuses on women only

  4. Raccamore

  5. Yvonne kore

  6. Ecco



  9. MAKIA

Footwear Brands

The project aims to design a website  for a footwear manufacturing company targeting the Scandinavian market, with a strong focus on user experience (UX) design. The goal is to create a user-centered design that provides the target audience an enjoyable and seamless user experience while incorporating Scandinavian aesthetics and design principles.


Role : User Experience designer
Duration : 1 week  project
Skills : UX , UXR ,UI skills
Software : Figma 









The company is a footwear manufacturer targeting the Scandinavian countries. They produce high-quality and stylish footwear for various age groups. The company aims to expand its business in the Scandinavian market and wants to create a website  to showcase its products and reach a wider audience.

Project Narrative

Secondary Research

 Footwear . Website . Design

Designing  a seamless user experience (UX) and interface (UI) of a footwear website for a Scandinavian market integrating  minimalist design, and intuitive navigationfor better experience.

User Needs

  • Footwear that provide warmth in winter

  • Footwear that durable

  • Footwear that are easy to maintain



  • functionality bases footwear

  • Quality preferred over design

  • Blend with our culture



  • Lack of footwear brand catering to all gender.

  • Lack of functionality based footwear brands



  • Simple and comfortable

  • follow Scandinavian style

  • Facilitate and support the daily commute



This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.




User Journey


Category Page
Product Detail page

User Persona 



The following features are designed to give best user experience of purchasing or browsing footwear online . To make the user experience smooth and easily Scandinavian style has been used to give the minimalist , clean and simple to use experience .

Region Switcher

Given that Scandinavian nations have various dialets, region switcher options allow for free online browsing and the avoid of linguistic barriers.

Functionality bases footwear category

Given that Scandinavian nations have various dialets, region switcher options allow for free online browsing and the avoid of linguistic barriers.

Quick Add

Allow user to fasten the process of purchasing an item


To allows users to create their personalised collections of products they want to buy and save them for future reference.

Minimalist Product menu

Designed horizontal shoe menu instead of filter to make it more simple and easier to choose and change the shoe type via one click .

Personalised your way

Provide grid view options for user to make their own grid as the way they want .

Horizontal Carousal

Designed horizontal carousal to give user option explore multiple shoes in just a one click


Gives the user the opportunity to visit the store and check out the product to eliminate any purchase uncertainty.

Additionally, if a customer wants a same-day delivery, they can check the item's availability at the store and purchase it right away.

Vertical Carousel

A fixed vertical carousel that travels up and down as the user scrolls gives the user the opportunity to concentrate on the product.

Varun lives in Norway and want to buy shoes online that keep warm during winter season . His shoe size is UK5 and looking for black colour shoes.

User Flow


Varun lives in Norway and want to buy shoes online that keep warm during winter season . His shoe size is UK5 and looking for black colour shoes.

Select the Norway region to continue purchase

Select size UK5 by clicking on it

 Scroll through the home page

Click on the shop button on warmth cozy shoes

Scroll upward to see the different perspective of shoe

1.  Click on size guide

2. After understanding size chart ,click on the close button on right top corner to go back

Check the delivery duration

Hit add button to add shoe in the cart

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