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User Experience Design Project

Crafting a mobile gaming experience for football enthusiasts involves intuitive controls, realistic graphics, and engaging gameplay. Seamlessly blending strategy and excitement, it immerses users in the thrilling world of virtual football.


 The project focuses on design an immersive football gaming experience for Android mobile devices that falls within the casual genre, targeting football enthusiasts in both EMEA and North America. It focuses on delivering an authentic football experience that captivates the audience and keeps them engaged and motivated from start to finish.

Duration : 4 months

Project type : Internship

Sponsor : Audify tech Pvt Ltd.

Role : UX /UI Designer

Status : Live project 

Explore and enjoy the project is live now 


  • To understand  usability , easy of navigation , motivation ,  cognitive load and engagement of the casual game from user perspective  in more deeper level , played different genre games 

    Contextual Research

    Understanding casual game segment

    Casual Games  thrive on simple and fun gameplay mechanics that are easy to understand and master . They are defined by their lack of required time investment. 

    Key Takeaways

    Identified key considerations that must be taken into account during the development of our game.​

    Target Audience

    The audience who enjoys or prefer to play casual games are basically those who does not want  to spend much time learning the mechanics and playing them

    • Puzzle games

    • Hidden object games

    • Adventure games

    • Strategy games (including time management)

    • Arcade & action games

    • Word & trivia games

    • Card & board games

    Genre of casual Game
    Characteristics of Casual Game

    Fun, simple gameplay that is easy to understand

    Simpler Rules

    This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.

    Shorter Sessions

    Doesn't  expect familiarity with a standard set of mechanics, controls, and tropes.

    Require less learned skills

    This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.

    Minimal Operating gesture

    •  It is important that the game is designed to be simple and easily comprehensible (understandable ). 

    • Must ensure that the game mechanics require less learned skill and can be operated with just minimal hand gestures.

  • **Due to NDA can't share the game

    mechanics and logic information

    Core loop of mechanics

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture Developed an information architecture to enhance the player's experience and simplify navigation within the game. This operational map illustrates how the game functions when players interact with it, providing a clear structure to the information and making tasks easy to execute. The aim is to create a hassle-free experience for players.

    User Flow

  • Developed a schematic diagram to check flow , clarity , usability and structure of the information architecture before developing the screens.


    Loading Screen

    Welcome screen


    Tier Screen

    Attribute display screen

    Game play screen

    Countdown screen

    Winner display screen

    Opponent searching  Screen

    Reward receive screen

    Shop screen

    Collection of reward screen

    Customisation screen

    Asset Development

    To ensure that the elements used in the game align with the intended theme and vibe , designed UI assets are developed with the help with team.

    Attractive and engaging

    Visually Balance

    Match with real world


    Easy to understand

    Consistent throughout

    key principles on the bases assets are designed 

    Asset Gallery

    First time user experience flow Design (FTUE)

    To ensure that players are fully informed and can navigate our app with ease, Designed  a comprehensive onboarding experience that covers all facets of their user journey. FTUE  captures a complete set of feelings, thoughts, and understandings that users may have while interacting with our game for the first time.

    Hi-Fi Screens

    key principles on the bases FTUE is designed 

    First encounter with the game

    Capturing user thoughts and impressions

    Providing guided understanding leading up to gameplay

  • In our current era, we reside in a VUCA environment that exhibits an unpredictable landscape where the majority of variables are beyond our control. Due to the diverse interactions of every user, problems that are uncommon but possess the probability of occurrence are anticipated. Hence, in anticipation of such adversities, have developed approximately 70 corner cases through continual gameplay.

    Corner Cases

    Unfortunately ,due to non-disclosure agreements , can't share all scenarios ,but here are some glimpse.

    Home Screen
    Tier Selection screen
    Profile Screen
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